The measure of a good entrepreneur doesn’t come down to a good idea.

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Guaranteed red marks on your thighs every time.

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This is literally my 3-step formula for cold calling.

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The most important takeaway and why I think everyone should do a stint of knocking on 140 strangers’ doors.

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Fellow new bloggers you’re gonna wanna read this.

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Part II is just as important

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Know when to listen to the voices in your head vs when to punch them square in the jaw.

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Here’s the antidote.

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Blog time, baby. Let’s do this.

Selling on Shopify: The ultimate side hustle or a costly mistake?

Photo; Inzmam Khan/Pexels

How to tell if you need a Claritin

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Geoff Lane

Motivated by self betterment. Reader, watcher, and thinker of cool things that I then write about.

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